11 ways to ruin your reputation and 12 ways to gain an excellent reputation

11 ways to ruin your reputation

1. Give promises you do not intend to keep
2. Give promises you cannot keep
3. Give promises that your customer can understand wrong
4. Give promises because you have failed and you have good intent to do better but you fail to keep what you just promised – again
5. Never monitor stakeholder expectations or customer experience
6. When public debate related to you occur, just wait that it passes by
7. Constantly change your message and explanations on uncomfortable issues
8. Do not be active, just wait
9. Form a board of conservative people which starts to develop a strategy on what to do. Make sure no-one has authority to make decisions but they are just messengers to the organizational leadership
10. React only when the public pressure becomes unbearable
11. Very carefully follow the official and formal protocol because it is the best reputation management

12 ways to gain an excellent reputation

1. Do not make promises but exceed the expectations
2. Promise almost nothing but show what you have done
3. Tell your stakeholders and customers that you will do your best
4. Be transparent and honest
5. Constantly monitor what is happening around you and regularly monitor customer satisfaction
6. Be proactive in public discussion so that it never even turns into debate
7. Have sharp, simple and consistent, only one message controlled by one spokesperson
8. Better to be too active than passive
9. Keep the reputation management team small and choose bold and creative people who has authority to make decisions and make a difference with the processes and culture of the organization
10. With proactive attitude be ready to react even to smallest signal which can damage your reputation, because in can always turn into worst case scenario. This does not mean that you should react everytime, but a high quality analysis is always needed
11. Do not hesitate to do quickly radical decisions to cut the causes of negative debate over you
12.  Be creative and surprise in a good way