The next revolution of communications lies in content production management

The volume of communication needs will soon grow ten times bigger from its current level

As we know, digitalization and the emergence of social media has revolutionized the communications industry. This means that as the mainstream media business is rapidly going down, the significance of communities as standalone communicative entities is scaling up at the very same time.

According to the dynamics of media evolution, the next set up of the media industry means dramatically increased volumes of media production. As the core dynamics of a media system is based on its ability to satisfy the needs of an individual, every new media is capable of fulfilling the needs of a media user in an increasingly individual way. At the same time the costs of technology dramatically drops, which means that new ways of media communications are available to new operators in a massive scale.

The emergence of the web and other social media means that individuals are ever more free to pick and choose the contents they want. This, in turn, means that people are more demanding towards all communications and less tolerant to something they see as irrelevant to themselves.

All these factors together generate a dramatically changed situation for any corporate communicator. It is not enough anymore to be aware of the themes of interest by your target group. It is not even enough to be aware of the characteristics of a niche your target audience forms. Now you must also know the perspective of your target group: the person with the managing position in the corporation has a very different perspective and needs for the theme than a person in the customer support or in the technology position. This means that every message must be tailored to different sub-niche-target groups according to their very perspective on the theme. This, in turn, generates a volume for tailored messages which is by law – 10 times larger than the previous mass-audience –type of need. Before this volume explosion one newsletter fitted for all in communications demands. But now, every sub-niche with different perspective wants at least its own headline and own preline in the newsletter to give one’s attention to the message.

This explosion of demands of communication has consequences in the chain of production in the communication. It means that we must, again by law, be able to generate 10 times higher communications volume than before. This means that the resources of any communications or marketing department are very quickly exhausted.

Tomorrow, and even today, there is time to make any expert of an organization a communicator and a marketer. Expanding and managing communications responsibility is the next huge challenge of corporate communications. We need new kind of thinking and tools for managing this new era of highly tailored corporate communications. Mediatum Ltd has solutions to familiarize and manage your new audiences.

Taisto Lehikoinen, PhD, CEO